What are we really eating?


Lets say we live in a world of truth. We could walk into any grocery, convenience, or restaurant location and all items were labeled as they truly are. I’d like a glass of diabetes, plate of cancer, and a side dish of sterilization, please! That’s right, thousands of products that are consumed on a daily basis are filled with ingredients that cause illnesses and life threatening diseases. The sad thing is, these ingredients are FDA approved. For me, it’s nauseating to hear and see this, just nauseating.

Below is a video that was posted to inform us of this very concern. It contains information about the foods we eat and give our children without hesitation. Eliminating foods with these ingredients can improve and lengthen our lives. Please be sure to watch the entire video. Every last second contains vital information.

You can’t outrun your fork.


I can’t explain the amount of truth in the saying “You can’t outrun your fork”. I’ve come across so many people that believe as long as they work out and stay active, they can anything they want. That is definitely not the case. Definitely not.