The Color Run

Santana and I celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a little fitness fun. The night before the run, we traveled down to Ft. Lauderdale, which is a little more than three hours from home. Our first stop in town was packet pick up. It was so exciting to drive up and see all of the signs and banners for The Color Run. They had music playing and people outside trying to pump up the participants.

We then drove to our hotel, The Hampton Inn. We wanted to find the closest hotel to the run. We were in walking distance, which was fantastic. Just another way to get out there and burn those extra calories! The hotel was more than accommodating and they were very eager to ensure our comfort.

Once we got situated, we could barely wait to break out our goodies for the next day's festivities!

Once we got situated, we could barely wait to break out our goodies for the next day’s festivities!

Dinner time was approaching so we decided to head toward where the run would take place and look for some eats. I love, love, love how everything was conveniently located. Before looking for food, we did decide to take a peak at the set up. They had volunteers preparing the stage and different booths. Sooo exciting!


This is total side bar, but what is Ft. Lauderdale feeding their lizards? Holy smokes, they were stacked!

I felt like a complete tourist taking pictures of lizards, but I could not get over how big there were. I’m not kidding you, there were like three times the size of the ones I’m used to seeing.

Anyways, we didn’t want to be out too late since we did have a run in the early AM.

Morning came and we were pumped to have a little fitness fun! We showered and put our gear on. It was even more exciting to see how many people in the hotel that were also doing the run. There were color runners all over the building. We were off. As we were getting closer to the event, we were seeing color runners coming from all angles. It was evident that everyone was as equally excited as we were.

Ha!  One of the reasons why I love him so much.  He has quirk about him that shines bright!

Ha! One of the reasons why I love him so much. He has quirk about him that shines bright!

It wasn’t long before they called the first wave of color runners. While standing at the start line, beach balls were bouncing around and they had volunteers shooting out all kinds of color packets and goodies. Once they counted down to the start, everyone began running while cheering excitedly about what was to come. There were four color check points and one water station. Just before hitting the water station volunteers were shooting water at us rather than the cornstarch based paint. Since this was a run about making fitness fun, we didn’t overly push ourselves. We just ran and enjoyed two things we love most. Fitness and having fun while doing it!

20130509-001749.jpgBy the time we crossed the finish line, we were both covered from head to toe in color. Volunteers were handing out refreshments and recovery bars. I was excited and surprised to see how many vendors were there, giving out goodies.

It wasn’t long before more and more color runners were passing through the finish line. Everyone was even more excited and pumped than before. There were all kinds of exciting things going on. Anywhere from a Conga line and Harlem Shake to a pinata (being that it was Cinco De Mayo) filled with color for people to whack around.



Every 20 minutes they had a wave of color. Packets were shot out into the crowd and once the count down was complete, we tossed it all into the air. So much fun!







No caption needed. Just a little bit of awesomeness!

Loved seeing this since recycling is another topic I'm passionate about.

Loved seeing this since recycling is another topic I’m passionate about.


We were both so excited to do this run and were not disappointed with any part of it. The Color Run is proof that fitness can be fun!


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