The dangers of fluoride


I grew up believing that fluoride was extremely important and healthy to consume, as I’m sure most had the same thought. I was at a loss for words to find out how dangerous it really is and how much we consume without knowledge.

What is fluoride exactly? Well, it’s a pollutant by-product of aluminum manufacturing. It is so toxic that it has the ability to eat through metal and concrete. A fluoride spill results in the use of hazmat suits for clean up. Many years ago, it was used as an insecticide and rat poison. This was before it was deemed as a ‘cavity fighter’. While it is highly marketed for its dental benefits, It can actually cause more harm than good. If too much is consumed it can cause your teeth to become discolored and crumble.

Sadly, it being added to toothpaste is not where it ends. It can also be found in our bathing AND drinking water along with prescription medicine. More than 300 chemicals are being pumped into our water supply under the name of fluoride. Companies would have to pay a fee for the disposal of it due to its toxicity, but instead our cities are paying as much as millions of dollars a year to legally pump it in. While we cannot prevent too much of it being absorbed into our skin through showering, there are other ways to reduce the consumption.

Prescription medicine, such as Prozac, is a form of fluoride. Strong doses of fluoride can make a person more docile and easier to control. This is a practice that goes way back to the Nazis. The Nazis were pumping it into the drinking water of the concentration and slave labor camps, resulting in less hostility from their prisoners.

A number of different studies have linked fluoride to as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year. It has also been shown to enhance the brains absorption of aluminum, the substance that’s found in Alzheimer’s patients. Consuming excess amounts of fluoride can be shown to damage the musculoskeletal and nervous system, leading to joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration, and neurological deficits.

Many bottled water brands contain fluoride – Zephyrhills, Dasani, and Nestlé (containing the highest amount) … Just to name a few. Fiji has small trace amounts of it, but is considered to be negligible. Glacier water is reported to be the best for you. I was shocked to find out that Brita, Pur and most other filtering systems DO NOT remove fluoride.

There are three possible methods of fluoride removal.

• Distillation Filtration
Commercially available distillation filters that can remove fluoride from the water.

PLEASE NOTE: when looking on the labels of bottled water, keep in mind that ‘distilled water’ can still contain impurities that are not suitable for drinking.

• Reverse Osmosis Filtration
Can be installed into your home, but is fairly expensive to have for persoanl use.

• Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter
I’ve read that the cheapest filter is around $30.00 and requires frequent replacement.

Publix has a glacier water machine. It has the reverse osmosis filtration method. The fee is anywhere from $0.30 – $0.35 a gallon and $1.50 – $1.55 per five gallon jug (at least in my area). This is where I get my personal supply of my water. I use it for just about everything – To make my own ice cubes, for drinking and even for cooking.

NOTE: Freezing fluoride infused water does not affect the concentration, but you will still be consuming it. Boiling it will make it MORE concentrated.

•Look here to view the importance of reading and understanding the ingredients in our foods.


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  1. This guest on Coast to Coast AM was saying that when we take shower’s the warm water opens up our pores and fluoride gets into our body’s, the same thing is happening with fruit and veggies-the water that helps them grow-. I don’t want to add to the fear mongering but I absolutely believe we get far more fluoride from food and water than toothpaste.

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